Shipping Policy


Upon booking the order, customers will get an SMS and an Email about the battery delivery shop with contact telephone number. The customer will also get a call from the delivery shop regarding the fitment of the battery. The customers can ask the delivery shop person to come and install the battery at customer’s place (home or office whichever is convenient). Usually the battery is installed within 4 - 24 hours from the booking time depending on the availability of the customer, service engineer, battery model in stock and the distance from the delivery shop to the customer’s delivery address. Customers are requested to show the order SMS/Email and mention to the delivery person about to avail our prices quoted. If the delivery person requests to change the battery model or requests to pay more than what is quoted, please call immediately our support number +91-7678406579

How Do I Track My Order?

The question of tracking an order doesn’t arise because we are not going to use a courier to send your product. Our reputed and authorized dealers will deliver the product to you. In case, you still want to track your order, simply contact us and we will give you the exact whereabouts of your shipped product.